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Shine a light
on your child's potential

Welcome to Spotlight, your opportunity to gain unique insights on your child's academic progress to enable them to flourish.

Spotlight's mission is to help parents access high-quality information about their children, who seek support - in plain language - from people who understand education. You might be considering tutoring, grammar schools or thinking about changing schools. Or simply wish to improve your own understanding of your child's abilities.


  • An online assessment

  • Expert feedback & reporting

  • Practical next steps




Spotlight was created to support your child's education

Get data on your child's strengths and challenges

Our bespoke assessments look at a wide range of academic skills that underpin their learning. The results compare candidates to their peers at school and national standards.

Speak to an expert about any education matters 

We have a number of highly experienced former headteachers, and senior educators who will guide you through our findings and discuss any educational matters you wish to cover.

Receive valuable and supportive next steps

Following the discussion, we will send you a summary report covering the points raised in the discussion and a range of actions to support your child going forward.

Register Today! 

Register online with Spotlight and choose a time to run the assessment at home. Our team will be in touch to confirm your registration and answer any questions you have.

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