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Switching on Brighter Futures

... in 3 supportive steps


Get unique insight and professional support on your child's academic journey using our clever assessments, clear reports, and advice from a friendly team of experts for only £195.

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The Assessment

The first step is to book your child’s online assessment which they take at home at a time that suits you.


Covering 4 key areas of learning, the assessment takes about 90 mins to complete. We provide guidance on how to administer this and, importantly, alleviate any concerns your child might have about taking it!


We recommend that children complete all the questions in the same sitting, but they are of course free to take breaks between the 4 sections, which are:

English - Including grammar, comprehension and language skills.

Maths - Including computation, story problems, algebra and geometry.

Verbal Reasoning - Looking problem-solving using logic codes and patterns.

Non-Verbal Reasoning - Assessing problems using visual and spatial skills.

It’s important to note that the Spotlight assessment is not a test.

There is no need for your child to revise or prepare, we're looking at skills that they will use in their everyday school lives. Most importantly, the assessment is not pass or fail, but wholly evaluative. Spotlight contains a set of questions designed to discover which type of thinking your child finds easy, and which they find more of a challenge. There’s no extra work and no pressure for them to perform, which means there is nothing for your child to worry about.


Once your child’s assessment has been submitted and we have the results, we’ll invite you to book a feedback session with one of our experts, and we'll send you a bespoke report on our findings.


The Discussion

Speak with an expert regarding the assessment findings about issues that matter to you.

So, your child has completed the assessment and you’ve now read the report. 

The next step is to arrange an online meeting with one of our Spotlight educational experts, which usually last about half an hour.


They’ll guide you through the report and answer any questions you might have, as well as talking you through the findings and what they reveal about your child’s progress, both in terms of their own goals and in the context of national school standards.


The agenda for the conversation is entirely yours to decide and can be focused on any aspects of your child’s education. It can be aimed at discussing existing gaps or concerns, or the best way to achieve future aspirations. 

You can set the tone and direction of the discussion at the point of registration, but our consultants are ready to discuss what you want on the day. We can also suggest the best ways of talking to your current school to make sure they’re providing your child with the support they really need.  


The important thing is that you gain a deeper understanding of your child’s potential, and that together we can clearly define some practical next steps that are unique to your individual circumstances.


Next Steps

We follow up our discussion with practical recommendations on how best to support your child's academic pathway.


The Next Steps Summary is sent to you shortly after  our meeting and covers the key takeaways from our discussion.

We will provide access to a range of free articles, blogs and guidance. We are connected to a network of educational experts who can, where appropriate, offer further support, fill gaps, and advise on future learning.

All next steps are entirely bespoke and relate directly to your personal feedback discussion. If you wish to speak to our experts further and monitor progress over time, this is great as we want to support you and help every student achieve their potential.

Next Steps

The Process

1. Register


You can register on this site, we gather only the information we need to assess the candidate effectively.

4. Agreed Next Steps 


Following the discussion with our experts we will send you a document outlining the main points of the conversation with any recommended actions clearly described. Our goal is to ensure the process informs and empowers your support for your child's learning.

2. Assessment at Home


We send you all the required logins and full instructions on how to carry the assessment at home. All you need is a computer or tablet and an internet connection. The assessment takes between 1-2 hrs depending on your child's age, plus breaks between modules.

3. Results and Discussion


We will send you the results shortly after the assessment is complete. When the results are ready, we'll ask you to book a feedback call with one of our consultants through our booking system. You will receive the Spotlight Report shortly before your scheduled appointment. The discussion is typically 30 minutes and will help explain the report and put it into the context of your child's academic goals and aspirations.

Ready to Register?

You can register here for your Spotlight assessment or learn more about the product and how families are using it to support their children's outcomes in our news and blog site. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us through our Contact page.

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