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1. Complete the Registration form

We gather some basic information to help us provide the best support later on. Some parts are optional, but it helps our teams to have some context on the candidate's current school and any additional information you can provide.

2. Pay securely via Stripe

At the end of the registration form you can pay via Stripe. Stripe accepts all major debit and credit payments.

This will send us your registration data and we will get to work preparing your Spotlight.

What happens next?

We send you confirmation

First we will confirm that your registration and payment have been received via email. We'll invite you to set up an account on our website where you can log in to track your Spotlight's progress.

And set up the assessment 

Within 24 hours we will send you login details and full instructions on how to complete the assessment at home. We also provide support on how to approach this without it being a stressful or unnerving experience - there's no pass or fail here, it's all about finding out what sort of thinking they find easy and what is more challenging.

When we have the results we'll arrange a call

Once we have your results ready - usually one or two days after the assessment - we'll contact you to arrange a Zoom call with one of our experts. We'll send you the results in advance of the call and you can speak to the Spotlight team about any education matters you wish.

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