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Thinking about changing schools

Navigating where your child goes to school is a tricky process. Many families have little choice and feel restricted in their geographical area. You may be considering applying to grammar or independent schools; here we talk about how Spotlight can support your decision-making.

There are many reasons why parents might wish for their children to move school:

Moving home and out of their current catchment area

Parents may wish to know how best to handle such a move to ensure continuity of their child’s education and a purposeful transition.

Considering moving into an area where there is a selective grammar school

Before making such a move, parents wish to know if their child meets the suggested academic profile of such a school, or if the associated expected additional preparation for an application is appropriate for their child. Moving into such catchment areas often comes with associated costs, including inflated house-prices.

Thinking of sending a child to an independent school

Parents would like to know whether the academic profile of their child will suit the degree of academic selectivity of any schools they might consider. They may also wish to know whether their child would have a realistic chance of being offered an academic award or scholarship from independent schools if they were to apply.

In every case, Spotlight’s three stage process, involving assessment, discussion and advice, offers parents the opportunity to explore their options with expert guidance and targeted advice, all supported by the Spotlight Report’s objective data. Our expert feedback consultants provide clarity and respond to specific needs of each of our families.


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