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Insights into your child's learning profile

Spotlight is powered by a clever assessment that is designed to show you exactly where they should be for their age - in relation with their peers - and the skills they need to work on.

The Spotlight Assessment

Our assessment is a sophisticated computer adaptive evaluation. It contains a large bank of questions - designed for a wide range of ages and abilities. As candidates make their way through the questions, it will adapt it's levels of difficulty to continually challenge the participant. The questions are not based on learned knowledge so no preparation is required; instead, it looks at academic skills, focusing on literacy, numeracy, and problem solving skills. These skills underpin independent, classroom learning and are a key indicator of academic progress and achievement. It's important to note there is no pass or fail, the scores presented afterwards compare the candidate's performance against other students of the same age studying in UK.

Professional interpretation and feedback

Our assessment comes with a 30-minute discussion with an education expert. Spotlight is working with a number of former headteachers and senior leaders who recognise the needs of parents in accessing impartial, professional advice. This conversation is for you; to address your concerns and thoughts, and the agenda is entirely set by you. Our consultants will help explain the results of the assessment in the context of your child's needs, and suggest a range of options to help you navigate the next part of the journey, presented to you as a Next Steps document

Where to go from here

Many parents simply wish to support their child’s school and teachers, wanting to work with them to ensure that their child is getting the best education possible. Spotlight consultants can advise you how best to approach the school in a non-confrontational manner, ensuring that your child is placed at the heart of all decision making. Spotlight data can be used to close gaps between parental expectations / aspirations and the views of the school, especially relevant when approaching national examinations and target setting.


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