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Welcome to the Spotlight Assessment

This is where you launch your assessment from. There are a few things we want you to read before you begin. This video (right) is an introduction for the candidate - to give them a sense of what to expect.


To proceed you will need the following:​

  • The assessment Passkey we sent to you by email

  • Approximately 1-2 hours to complete all sections of the assessment

  • A quiet space and a computer or tablet with good internet access

  • Rough paper and a pencil for working things out

Important things for the candidate to understand​:

  • This is not a pass or fail kind of assessment. It is designed to find out what kind of thinking you find easy or more difficult. Don't worry if there are questions you are unsure about, just have a go and move on to the next one.

  • The questions will adapt their difficulty depending on how easy or hard you are finding it. If the questions feel challenging then it means you have done well on previous questions to get onto the harder ones; this is a good thing!

We have Support and FAQs available for the most common queries

If you need to get in touch, you can email us at enquiries@spotlighteducation.co.uk

Working with the best partners to get great data 

We are proudly working with experts in assessments and question content to ensure we get great and reliable data.

Whilst Spotlight is a standalone product, we use exclusive access to the APT, which is powered by Atom Learning's data. This allows us to expand our exclusive question bank and ensure your child is benchmarked against the most comprehensive cohort of students across the UK.

Once the assessment is complete, the Spotlight team will process the results and email the parents, or guardians, and invite them to set up a feedback session. Once this session is confirmed, Spotlight will send you the results reports.

The feedback session is your opportunity to discuss any aspect of your child's education; the agenda is entirely yours. The assessment report will help contextualise the discussion and help our experts provide you with meaningful support and advice.

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