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Shine a light
on your child's potential

Welcome to Spotlight, your opportunity to gain the invaluable knowledge required to give your child the support they need to flourish.

We know that no one cares more about the education of your child than you, and no one knows more about education than our team of highly qualified experts. Spotlight, a unique online assessment, brings these two powerful forces together; when coupled with a feedback discussion and practical next steps, you will be empowered to inspire your child to be the best that they can be.


Why do families come to Spotlight?

All our families are driven by the desire to support their child's learning as much as possible. Our goal is to provide professional support and guidance, informed by objective and impartial data.

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... into your child's potential and improve your understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

Gain greater insight
Thinking about changing schools

We can help you navigate your options, with data-driven insight into your child's academic potential.

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Focus tutoring support

... on specific areas that will make the biggest impact on your child's learning experience.

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What our customers think

"We used Spotlight to get an understanding of how my daughter was getting on at school. Spotlight provided incredible insight and gave me the objective data - and practical advice - to help me speak to her teachers about her progress." - Kate, Bristol

Spotlight provides the knowledge to support your child's potential in three simple steps:

Assess, Discuss & Advise

In the assessment, each individually responsive set of questions provides an accessible, accurate, snapshot of your child’s potential for growth. Our sophisticated software adapts for each child to best gauge individual abilities.  It can tell ‘live’ if your child is finding the questions too easy and make them harder. Likewise, if they’re struggling questions will become easier. Spotlight responds in this way to provide the most useful, bespoke results that allow us to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and suggest practical next steps. 


Across four key areas of learning, the assessment provides an independent, holistic overview of your child’s academic preferences. It helps identify learning gaps and illuminate strengths, comparing results against national standards, to produce a report unique to your child.


Once you’ve had some time to digest the report, we’ll arrange a 30-minute post-assessment feedback session to address any questions you might have and chat through the results to see what they’ve revealed. 


Finally, we’ll send you our recommended next steps – individually tailored for each family – which will include contact details for any of our relevant, trusted partners who can help your child achieve their full potential.   

Where did Spotlight come from?

Developed by educational experts, Spotlight ensures that you’re in the best possible position to take your child’s exciting educational journey to the next level.

The project was conceived when a former headteacher found he had little data with which to talk to his daughter's school about her progress. Spotlight has been driven by a team of educators who recognise that parents need access to high-quality, individualised support for their children's education.

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you

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